Folk Song of Assam


The folk songs associated with Bohaag Bihu are known as 'Bihu Geet'; Bihu Geet is symbolic of communication of love and romance among the village youth and the village belles.

The dances are accompanied by traditional Assamese instruments like the Dhol (the Drum), Pepa, Gagana, Toka etc ...

Assam is known for Bihu and Bihu is known for Assam. Poetic lyrics and the celebration of life expressed through Bihu songs are the life line of Assamese culture.

Bihu Geet


Assamese Music is derived from the ancient folklores of the tribal communities that inhabit various corners of the state from a long time. Bihugeet is one of the oldest forms of Assamese music which is sung by people during the famous festival of Bihu.


One important aspect of the Bihu festival is that the entire Assamese Community irrespective caste, creed and religious followings celebrate it.